2016/2017 Season

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Registrations 2016/17

Dear clubs,

Following discussions with Got Football we now are able to give you some guidance as to what will happen with registrations for next season.

Your club admin will need to log in to their account and change the age of the team.

1. Go to Manage Teams and select a team, for example an Under 12 team. this will bring you to the Basic Team Info page.

2. Look for the current age group, then select the next year. So for the Under 12's you would select U13's and if it's the Under 14's then you'd select U15's. Then on the 1st September 2016 the system will advance a year and will bring everything back to even age groups.

3. Please be aware some clubs will need to add new teams to their clubs if they didn't have a team playing in that age group last season, your club admin will need to do this.

Registering players.

Once the clubs teams have been altered by the club admin you can then start assigning your player to their teams. To do this go into the player's profile and look for the 'Assigned Team' tab on the left part of the profile. Clicking on this will let you choose which team this player will play for next season.

Any players that have left can I ask all clubs to delete them from your team please, this makes life much easier.

Any player signed to another SGWFL team last season can be transferred at no cost (once the season has started then normal transfer fees will apply) this will also save managers time having to upload the players details, please email me the details of the players this concerns.

New players that weren't registered to an SGWFL club last season can be registered as normal with a birth certificate and a passport style photo uploaded, which I will then verify for you as normal.

Can I ask that all players details are uploaded and ready to be checked by 25th August 2016.

Got Football are happy to set up 1 to 1 conference calls with any club if they need more help. There is also a section in the Got Football Help directory titled 2nd Year Help Document.

Kind regards

Kev Potts

SGWFL Registration Secretary